What is SBank?

SBank is an integrated multi-chain wallet of crypto deposit. Not only at deposit, SBank is also the foundation for initiating crypto payment projects.

SBank supports startup projects about payment by crypto and online payment projects.


SBT (Smart bank token) is a payment tool of Sbank.

SBT is only created when you use ecosystem or deposit for AI of Sbank.

Smart contract NRC 20.
Total provide 21 millions.
Number of release is 10 millions.
After the release of interest payment, it will be redeemed to provide for other investors.

Name: Smart bank token.
Ticket: SBT.
Total provide: 21 millions.
Supply: 10 millions.

SBT is created from the distribution of investment profit of investors into Sbank as a form of future shares. SBT is created with a limit. The longer the time is, the higher the scarcity rate is, the greater the value is.

In addition, SBT is the payment currency for all Sbank's ecosystems in the future. When paying SBT in the ecosystem, the incentive is up to 50%.


SMARTBANK has a mission towards becoming a truly powerful and reputable digital bank around the globe. Connecting large enterprises, multi-national corporations become a strong organization, promoting cooperation and especially the method of payment on global


AI captures the blockchain automatically

Use the latest AI technology of blockchain to capture the most traded coin or token in the market. Then, it will update and create storage wallet of that coin or token on SBank. Then, it creates multi-chain wallets and helps users to store many types of coins and tokens.

Reciprocal payment technology

Using reciprocal payment technology that helps suppliers of products connected to Sbank will reciprocate BTC and ETH when paying goods and services through Sbank.

Security technology

Security with character string, face ID, touch ID or Authy.

Public information

Support the fastest information and inform customers the optimal information as well as any changes are notified 48 hours in advance.







With different deposit packages, it brings different profit.
Cancel deposit before 30 days : 8%.
Cancel deposit after 30 days : 1%.

  • Interest 0.23 - 0.3% / day.
  • 7 - 11 % / month.
  • Sharing 1 - 3% reserve fund.

  • Interest 0.3 - 0.6% / day.
  • 9 – 18% / month.
  • Sharing 1,5 - 3,5 reserve fund.


  • Interest 0.4 - 0.83% / day.
  • 12 - 25% / month.
  • Sharing 2 - 4% reserve fund.